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How many participants can run online experiment simultaneously?!

It seems that there is a problem with several participants running the same experiment at the same time?!
Or is it possible that there is a delay in recording data of simultaneous runs?!


We’ve testing running large numbers at once and never seen a problem either in failing data or in delays. What makes you think there’s an issue (what is the symptom of the problem you’re experiencing)?

For instance, I’m often running workshops at the moment where I get the attendees to run (all at the same time) when the experiemnt is created. Haven’t been aware of any fails caused by that at any point.

I am pretty sure the problem was that the experiment hadn’t been endet properly (using esc instead of the intended button). However I am surprised that in those cases no credits were reserved?!

There has been some debate about what to do in these scenarios. When a participant presses escape, are they essentially withdrawing consent and expect no data to be saved? I believe we are currently treating it that way, so data are deleted and the credit released.

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