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How easy is it to distribute a long list of trials among participants?

Here is my situation. I have ~10,000 potential trials. I would like to have them each responded to twice.

I thought to do this by creating one big conditions file with all 10,000 trials in a random order, and then all 10,000 again in a different random order.

I would like to do something like: give participant 1 rows 1:100, participant 2 rows 101:200 and so on.

I figure this should be doable, by somehow incrementing participant number, and have the rows that are presented be some function of the participant number?

I’m not asking for an exact explanation on how to do this, but I wanted to be sure that this was in the realm of possibility before I started really looking into it.

Participants will be taking part on Pavlovia.

At the moment your best option is to use my VESPR Study Portal and either set up 100 groups or use the consecutive participant number (which doesn’t account for abandonment).