How do you make both random at the same time

I need to replicate an experiment on the ultimatum game,and I want the text and the pictures to be random.But I find that the order of the pictures can’t seem to be presented randomly with the order of the text.My pre-experiment had six tries but I ended up with 36. :scream_cat:
I’m not very good with psychopy and programming sucks,so now I have to combine the images and text of 6 attempts into a fake random in Excel. :crying_cat_face:That works but I want to know how do I make them really random. :heart:
I’d appreciate it if you could get some answers.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think that my Independent Randomisation online demo might be similar to what you are looking for.

Search the forum for online demos to find the post.

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I found the post! I think I get it! And I’ll give it a try :heart_on_fire:
Thank you very much for your reply x :kissing_cat:

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