How do I extract two blocks from one Excel file?

My experiment has four blocks. It is 48 trials per block. Break is provided after completing the block. Images are presented per trial.
Specially, they are all different in blocks 1 and 2. Their presentation order is random. Then, same images are repeated in blocks 3 and 4. Their presentation order is also random. Therefore, 96 trials, the sum of the trials in blocks 1 and 2, are in one file.

I want to extract randomly 48 trials from 96 rows of csv. After extracting 48 trials, break is provided and other block starts again. However, currently, break is provided only when all 96 rows are over, that is, the loop is over.

How do I extract two blocks from one Excel file? Also, how can a break be provided between two blocks?

Hello Jiwon,

you could use the row-parameter of your loop. See the attached example. It presents the numbers 1-5 in one block and the letters a-e in another block. There is a break between the blocks. Block order is counter-balanced on participant number. If you want to rerun the blocks, just add a second loop around the trials-loop looping twice. You need to adopt trials.thisN to your needs.

Best wishes Jens

counterBal.psyexp (13.3 KB)
stimuli.xlsx (8.5 KB)