How do I change the angle of my text stimulus by using an excel file?

I set my angles by using this for text 1 (amp1cos(ang1), amp1sin(ang1)) and this for text 2 (amp2cos(ang2), amp2sin(ang2)) then adding a code to define ang1&2 and amp1&2. I then added a loop with my conditions file by using excel however the Angeles never change.

This is my excel file
RODAYNA2021.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Thank you

@rh716 , ideally you would only store the orientation value in the conditions file, and pass those values to the orientation functions in the actual text component. Go to the text component “Advanced” tab and add the orientation functions to the “orientation” field, then set the orientation to update on each trial with “set every repeat” in the drop down menu. So, your text component orientation field would look something like the following, where “angle2” is a column of values in your condition file

(amp2*cos(angle2), amp2*sin(angle2))-10

Thank you!! I tried that now and this was my output in the runner view {could not convert string to float: ‘(amp1cos(ang1), amp1sin(ang1))-20’}. What is the issue with it?

Is ang1 a number in your conditions file? Also, how is amp1cos defined?

I changed them both to numbers however it’s the same issue. I attached my conditions file.

RODAYNA2021.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Thanks, that’s because still have the functions in the conditions file. You only need the value that is fed into the functions. The actual functions and formulas themselves need to be in the text component “Orientation” field.

Thank you,

I attached my experiment with my updated conditions file. I tried everything but it still isn’t working.

RODAYNA_2021.psyexp (18.8 KB) RODAYNA2021.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Cheers, the angle1 and angle2 values in the conditions file should just be a single value, not a tuple. This is because you are feeding these variables to the “orientation” field of the text component, and orientation is defined as the orientation of the stimulus in degrees. So, they can be anything from 0 upwards (or downwards with negative values).

@dvbridges Thank you so much!!