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How can implement this Python "Folder" codes into pavlovia so i can run the experiment

Hey guys, I am actually running out of time in my Bachelor-thesis. I am new to psychopy and Pavlovia, I hope I don’t bother you asking (kinda “dumb” questions)

But w.e I am doing a study on multitasking using the OSPAN (Operation Span Task) I am glad I found one here in the Git lab howardhsu / OSPAN · GitLab in german, I can run that script on python it works fine but i how do I run this on pavlovia, since they are not all in one script.

I found this one that I build in the builder wich could be also fine, but it seems to break up after the first “test” Moh / OSpan · GitLab

I basically have to kinda recreate this study " Who Multi-Tasks and Why? Multi-Tasking Ability, Perceived Multi-Tasking Ability, Impulsivity, and Sensation Seeking

  • David M. Sanbonmatsu,

  • David L. Strayer ,

  • Nathan Medeiros-Ward,

  • Jason M. Watson

  • Published: January 23, 2013"
    but i change some variables, but I need kind of a way to measure Multitasking Ability.

I am happy about any help, I thank you guys

I can’t find Ana Callejo Matey on this forum and the first experiment would probably take quite a bit of rewriting to get working online.

I think your request is too big for someone else to be able to help you here. You could make a copy of Ana’s experiment and then ask about specific bugs in it.

Have a look at my crib sheet first.

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Thanks for the quick answer, yeah I thought there is probably an “automatic” way, but now I got the info the psychopy can’t “run” the code, so I think I have either rebuild it or fix the bug in Ana’s Experiment, I am still researching. I will look at your sheet!

The second link is down because I deleted that experiment, here is the link where I forked it from : Sharp Lab / OSpan · GitLab