How can I record (save) a moving object I've created in psychopy?

Hi everyone. I have created a simple video (moving object) in psychopy and for my project I need to save it. Does anyone know how can I do it?

What do you mean by “save” it? Do you mean store its properties, or record your screen during the experiment?

Hi. I mean recording my screen.

A solution to recording the screen via PsychoPy has been provided here.

Alternatively, you could use an external capture application such as:

  1. Open Broadcast Software (OBS),
  2. Fraps
  3. ShadowPlay (ShadowPlay requires a supported Graphics Card)

Thanks for your reply.
For creating my visual stimuli, I haven’t used "each frame"tab. Should I still follow what is written in the link you sent me? Because it says that we should put the code under the “each frame” tab.

Yes, you need to put the win.getMovieFrame() in the “Each frame” tab so that you get one frame per screen refresh. Even if your stimuli aren’t changing on every screen refresh within a trial, you need to record them on every frame, or else the resulting video will be hugely sped up (e.g. if you are only recording one frame per trial).