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How can experiment run just some of conditions of loop

Hello everybody. I am very lucky that find this forum. There is a question.
I create an expriment by PsychoPy that has a loop. The loop comprises 52 conditions with 3 parameter. but just 15 of this conditions (not all of 52) must be play randomly. Would you please help me?


  • Set the loop type to be random.
  • Insert a Code Component into the last routine within the loop (from the “Custom” component panel).
  • In the “End routine” tab of that Code component, put something like this (i.e. some custom code that will run at the end of the routine):
# end after the trial numbered 14 (zero-based):
if your_loop_name.thisN == 14:
    your_loop_name.finished = True

Obviously, replace your_loop_name with the actual name.

Thanks Michael, how can I do this in the builder view? I create the expriment by builder view.

The instructions above were written assuming that you are using Builder. Just follow each step exactly, and ask any specific questions you might have as a result.

Sorry, I thought the code component was in coder view. I do it in builder view, step by step. It works!
Thank you very much.

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