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Hiding a Slider

What is the best way to hide a component e.g. a Slider. For now I am doing it this way


But it still shows up sometimes.

@huppfi, try setting the opacity to update on every frame if you want to change the opacity of the slider within a trial.

@dvbridges Ok that seems to work.

However after hiding it I also want it to come back and I did that by setting the opacity to 1.

Somehow the opacity is at 1 but it doesn’t show up. And thats only if I previously hid it.

Are you still setting autodraw, as in your previous post?



The following turns the opacity on and off every second and I put this in “Every Frame” - it works. Perhaps something else is happening

slider.opacity = Math.round(t)%2
slider.autoDraw = Math.round(t)%2