Help ending image array

Hello, I am currently working on an experiment that during the response screen shows an array of clickable images with the space bar as the ending routine component.

The trouble is that after clicking and pressing the space bar, the practice trial image array remains and overlays on the test block instructions. I’ve trued adding:

if OMT_cont_key.status == STARTED: image_array.finished = True

in the End Routine of my code for the array. Any help in solving is greatly appreciated.

Code in the “end routine” pane only runs when the trial is already finished. In other words, this code will only work if it’s in the “every frame” pane instead.

However I’m not entirely sure that will help. If it’s displaying the test block instructions it seems to be finishing the trial just fine, but not clearing it off the screen properly. Can you share your psyexp file or screenshots of your experiment flow?

Here is the experiment file:
box_OMT.psyexp (42.1 KB)