GP3 HD Eye-Tracker calibration and validation black screen

Dear community, I am currently working as a student assistant using the GazePoint GP3 HD eye tracker as part of my job. Currently, I’m trying to create a small test study using PsychoPy.

Firstly, the eye tracker needs to be calibrated, which poses no problem on the Lenovo Tower computer. However, in the second step, before the instructions and the actual psychological test start, a validation of the calibration should take place, and this is where the problem arises.

After calibration, the command to press the spacebar to start the validation is given, but then only a black screen appears. After about a minute, the run is automatically terminated with the message - ZeroDivisionError: division by zero.

If I hide the calibration, the run starts with the validation, which is then performed without any issues.

Another thing I don’t understand is that the same test runs smoothly on the Lenovo laptop, using the same version of PsychoPy and the same setup, and both the calibration and validation work.

Has anyone here encountered a similar problem or have any ideas on how to fix this error? I’m looking forward to your assistance.

Best regards from Germany,


Hi @Armin_G ,

I have the same eye tracker and so far I do not have the issue you are describing.
Not an answer to your post but you could use Gazepoint’s Control software to do the calibration and then continue the exp with psychopy? Psychopy should be able to pick up the output from the calibration performed in this way.


Hi Yiannis,

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I will give it a try to use the calibration output from GazePoint Control in PsychoPy.

The advantage I see in using PsychoPy and its calibration and validation is the alignment of both measurement values and the possibility to incorporate a loop in case of significant deviation between the values, ensuring that the eye tracker is set up and operating accurately.
Therefore, I would still be interested in understanding the underlying cause. If anyone has any further ideas, please share them. I am willing to try anything.

Best regards,