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Getting text to show up after stimulus has ended until key press

I am trying to present stimuli, then show a text screen, and they receive a keyboard cue to continue to another video. Currently, the text screen plays over the video that is being presented and I cannot solve how to make this stop happening. Here is what it looks like and also my settings. Please help me only show the text screen after the video has ended.

This is during a loop that this is occurring

Do you see how there is a start time field for your stimuli? You can set the text stimulus to only display after the movie has finished. Alternatively, put the video and text stimuli on separate, consecutive routines. The text routine won’t start until the video routine has completed.

How would you set the text to only display after if the stimuli has no set duration?

I have this all happening inside one loop right now

There are several ways, but the easiest is to simply put the text on a separate routine to the video, so that when the video ends, the first routine ends and the text is shown automatically at the right time.

the issue is that inside my first loop I have 12 videos total. what I want to happen is one video is shown than text + response to move to next video

Yes, that’s the way most Builder experiments work. Can you describe what “the issue” is in more depth?

Was struggling with this as a PsychoPy newbie - maybe this helps somebody else.
Splitting video and image phases in separate routines inside the loop (as suggested by Michael) worked - you are basically looking for something like this: