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Get Joystick input

I have been trying to get the input from a joystick with pyglet, however as the site suggested it is not working. ( Does anyone have a quick way to get joystick input with other packages?

Thanks a lot.


Wow, I didn’t know pyglet had these issues. What OS are you running? I wrote pure python joystick code for linux a few years back that might work. I’ll can dig it up if you have a compatible system.

Hi mdc,
Thank you for replying! I am working with windows 10, running python 2.7 and the latest psychopy.
Thank you in advance!


Sorry I couldn’t help out more. Since the libs I’m working on will not support pygame, not having joystick support is a significant issue. I didn’t catch this since I’ve been using keyboard and mouse input for my recent experiments.

There are 3rd party libs that handle gamepad input, take a look at: