Generating trial order from a list

Question at hand:
How to set the trial order in the builder to use a list I generated at the beginning of the experiment?

I have a block with 90 trials, organized in sequential groups of 20. I made a code to generate a list of trials with each block randomized within itself (i.e., [1-20 randomized], [21-40 randomized], [41-60 randomized], etc.). I want this list (randVol) to be the trial order for my conditions file (condsFile).

I tried setting this in the Selected Rows section in the builder but it did not work either with or without a $. Any suggestions on how to use my list (randVol) to set trial order?

Thanks so much!

This is not what you asked, but I wonder why you don’t just create two loops with the inner set to random going through the trials of each chunk and the outer set to sequential going through the chunks. Plus, one more loop around these going through the blocks.
This way you wouldn’t have to code anything.