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Generate Visual Chirp Stimulus


I was wondering how to make a visual ‘chirp’ stimulus in PsychoPy. I was thinking about drawing a frame (empty or grating) and sinusoidal modulation of the frequency of its color change (-1 to 1 or 0 to1). I am not really sure how to do it properly, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi @alex_p, I am not really sure what you want to achieve, however you can define the color of a stimulus as sin(t), where t is defined as time in Builder. This will make the color change from black to white (-1 to 1). Alternatively, you can modulate RGB values in a list [sin(t), 1, 0], which in this instance makes the stim change from green to yellow over time.

Sorry for confusion. I think scipy.signal.chirp should do what I want to.

Thanks for reply,