Gazepoint eye-tracking output

Hi, I was wondering whether anyone understands the output which is obtained from eye-tracking using a GazePoint eye tracker within psychopy? In the excel sheets I have the variables CuedROIEyes.numLooks_mean CuedROIEyes.numLooks_raw CuedROIEyes.numLooks_std CuedROIEyes.timesOff_raw CuedROIEyes.timesOn_raw CuedROIMouth.numLooks_mean CuedROIMouth.numLooks_raw CuedROIMouth.numLooks_std CuedROIMouth.timesOff_raw CuedROIMouth.timesOn_raw CuedROINose.numLooks_mean CuedROINose.numLooks_raw CuedROINose.numLooks_std CuedROINose.timesOff_raw CuedROINose.timesOn_raw (corresponding to the regions of interest for the eyes, nose and mouth). Is anyone able to help understand the data output? We are specifically interested in the time spent looking in the eyes vs. mouth regions. Thanks!