Gamma correction resetting after a few frames

Hey everybody, I just started using psychopy a month ago, so please forgive me if I’m bringing up a question/solutions that people already know about, but I THINK this is a new question (or one that hasn’t been answered in a long time).

When using a single monitor and applying a gamma correction, either through setGammaGrid or by using the Semi mode to input photometer values into MonitorCenter, the correction is applied when the window first opens but disappears after just a few frames. This happens every time, and I can’t figure out why. Is anyone else having problems with the gamma calibration resetting shortly after a window opens and the stimulus begins? The only other thread I’ve found that’s similar was in 2016, on GitHub, and it was closed after the problem couldn’t be reproduced by one of the psychopy leads.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Solved my own problem… I have a calibration program installed called DisplayCAL that comes with its own calibration loader. That loader seems to have been the problem. If you use any sort of calibration program (DisplayCAL, i1Profiler, DataColor Spyder5/SpyderX software) be aware that their bespoke Windows profile loaders could potentially interfere with manually setting your gamma linearization through PsychoPy.