Four pictures presence at the same time

Can anyone have a code about presenting four pictures at the same time? I need to control the position of four picture stimulus through codes. What i want to present is in this photo.example

Are you trying to do this in Coder without using Builder components?

No, I focus on builder components. I just want to use coder to control the position of stimulus.


you could code the positions of your stimuli in an Excel-file, xpos1, xpos2, ypos1, ypos2 and refer to these variables in position-property of the respective picture-component. Do not forget to set the Position to update for reach trial → change constant to set every repeat.

Alternatively, you could use some code. Insert a code-component before your picture-component. In the Begin Experiment tab, insert the following code:

xpos = [-.2,.2]
ypos = [-.2,.2]

Notice, I am using height as screen unit. If you use a different screen unit, you need to adjust the xpos/ypos-values accordingly.

In the Begin routine tab, add the following code:


In your first picture-component enter (xpos[0],ypos[0]) as position and set it to update. In the second picture-component enter (xpos[1],ypos[0]), in the third (xpos[0],ypos[1]) and finally the fourth picture-component add (xpos[0],ypos[0]). Don’t forget to set all Position-properties to update.

A good source is the book Building Experiments in PsychoPy by Jonathan Pierce and Michael MacAskill (2018). :wink:

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It’s nice of you! :innocent:Your answer is so detailed! Now I’ve learnt two methods to control the position of more than one picture stimulus. :star_struck:
Thanks sincerely!
Best Wishes!