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Flip every frame

Dear all,

I’m writing a code giving a visual task connected with force sensor so that participants have to apply force in order to follow task given on the screen.

I have to update the task ‘each frame by frame’ because it’s a time-dependent task,
so I created a loop flipping once, updating screen to it’s corresponding status.

But it seems like flipping doesn’t run on monitor refresh rate correctly, depending on how the computer processor is running, it sometimes drops (delay) or even jump as if it was 120Hz even the refresh rate was 60Hz.

Is there a better way to guarantee frame rate as accurate as possible?
I’ve tried creating all the objects at the initialize phase so that it would only call while updating the screen,
I’ve thought of updating screen partially, but due to our task design, it has to be updated fullscreen.
I’ve disconnected the internet and turned off the background tasks (automated update, screening programs…etc) but it doesn’t solve the issue.

I’d appreciate to share opinion who had the similar issue. Thank you,

Please run from the Demos menu and the benchmark wizard from the Tools menu.

Hi, Michael, this is the result of running

When I coded, I’ve installed avbin and it no longer shows that message (I’m curious why it’s showing up though)
and what do you mean by benchmark wizard from the Tools menu?
I’m not running standalone version,
Best regards,

Hi Chungmin,

Sorry, I don’t know how to run it otherwise, although it is probably also just a .py script, unlike, it runs automatically when selected from the menu and so no details are obvious.

If you can’t dig it out, perhaps just download the standalone for the purpose of running it. It runs some useful tests on your graphics card.