Feedback Value Appears NaN

Description of the problem: I’m trying to offer feedback in my experiment, but when I do, the value from the response shows up as NaN. This is the line that seems to be causing the issue:

textFByourAnsP.setText((((("You found " + Number.parseInt(sliderResponseP.value).toString()) + " out of ") + CorrectAns.toString()) + " targets."));

The value for CorrectAns shows up correctly, but sliderResponseP.value does not. I want this value to appear so that participants know how many targets were found correctly.

In my interactive slider demo I use slider.markerPos instead of slider.value

In fact, does .value work offline? I think that the correct syntax is slider.getRating()

slider.value did work offline. I tried switching to slider.markerPos instead and it worked. Thank you.