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Feedback for an Interleaved Staircase for Grating Orientation

What are you trying to achieve?:
I have built a program that displays two gratings in succession. The base grating will be aligned at 0 degrees, at ‘0’ for opacity, and will flash for a moment before the second grating flashes at a 45 degree angle to the left or right. Participants then select the left or the right key as an answer to the orientation of the second grating in comparison to the first. The staircase set up allows for the angles to narrow down towards 0 degrees as participants answer correctly.

I have created the interleaved staircase no problem, but now my task has become establishing feedback for correct/incorrect answers, as a means of making this program a learning paradigm.

My problem is this: Until I added the feedback routine, the program operated as was supposed to. Now, the program will not run, but is not displaying error codes. According to the following screenshots, are there any apparent mistakes regarding the feedback routine code, or anything else that might be halting progress?

Please describe exactly what you mean by this.

When I click the green button to run the experiment, I am given the participant info box. I click enter and it goes full screen with grey background as though the experiment we’re beginning and then it stops running and goes back to the builder. Normally error messages pop up then, but there is currently no error codes popping up.

OK, so the experiment does run, it just exits sooner than you intend. That’s good, it gives us more to work with (precise descriptions are important to narrow down the issue).

So you’re saying that not even the welcome routine starts? That most likely indicates some issue with code in your “begin experiment” code component tabs.

  • is there anything suspicious there?
  • what happens if you deliberately insert a syntax error there? Do you actually see an error message (i.e. let’s rule out that there isn’t actually an error occurring but you just aren’t seeing).
  • what does Trial_Resp.CorrectAns refer to?