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Feedback after a wrong response

I’m trying to do a lexical decision task with two buttoms of response “p” and “a”. I would like that a feedback (a fixation cross) appeared when participant give a wrong answer. To do that, i’s tried in “begin routine” this code:

if resp.corr:
continueRoutine = FALSE

But when I try to run the experiment, every trial is followed by the feedback. I defined “correct answer” with the name of my correct answer in my file.xlsx. ($Corresp)

Thanks for your help

The second line would need to be indented: please be careful about showing indentation in your Python code, as it has meaning.

You need to describe your task implementation a bit more. Is this code in the “begin routine” tab of the feedback routine, which follows the question routine?

Hello @Michael. i put these codes in the feed-back routine which follow the trial. In this task, participant should determine if the Word presented in the screen is the real Word or not. The feed-back follow participant’s answer

  • Did you specify that variable in the keyboard component?
  • is the code you give above the exact code you are using? Please cut and paste it rather than typing it from memory. For example in Python, it should be False rather than FALSE

What happens when you insert this (don’t keep these print statements in the final version of your experiment, they are just for temporary debugging):


if resp.corr:
    continueRoutine = False

Hello agai,
I found the problem. I needed to write the code :

if(resp.keys == RepCorrecte):
    continueRoutine = False