fastForward function for video stimuli


I’m trying to implement a video stimulus in a trials loop where, for each trial, the video fast forwards to start at a randomized point (e.g. starting 15 secs into the video for one trial, 6 secs in for the next trial, 30 secs for the next trial, so on). I tried the following code to make that work (cut_movie being the video component):

cut_movie.fastForward(seconds=possnum, log=True)

and I get the following message:

AttributeError: ‘MovieStim3’ object has no attribute ‘fastForward.’

Does anyone know how to get this to work, or another way of doing this?


In the latest version (2022.2.0) we’ve reworked the MovieStim class and added a seek function which should do what you’re trying to do, approach with caution though as it’s hot off the presses!

That’s perfect, thank you very much!