False voicekey trigger in RT

Hi everybody!

I am working with PsychoPy3 on Win10P. I have used the word naming demo to construct an experiment in which I use the VoiceKey for vocal RT time of 50 trials that last 750ms each trial. However, I am running into the problem that PsychoPy produces a RT falsely in the outputted data when I am intentionally silent for multiple trials.

I am wondering if there is any way to figure out why PsychoPy produces a RT when I am silent and if there is a way to fix this–perhaps by adjusting the microphone sensitivity or the code component?

This is in the Begin Routine code component:

Create a voice-key to be used:

vpvk = vk.OnsetVoiceKey(

Start it recording (and detecting):

vpvk.start() # non-blocking; don’t block when using Builder

This is in the End Routine code component:

The recorded sound is saved upon .stop() by default. But

its a good idea to call .stop() explicitly, eg, if there’s much slippage:


Add the detected time into the PsychoPy data file:

thisExp.addData(‘vocal_RT’, round(vpvk.event_onset, 3))
thisExp.addData(‘filename’, vpvk.filename)

If anyone knows anything about this or would be able to help I would appreciate it so much! Also, please let me know if I can provide any other information to further clarify.



Hi Amelia,

I’m having the same issue, and was wondering if you’ve found a solution.


Hi Darren,
I’m also having the same issue, and was wondering if you’ve found a solution.