Eyetracker/ iohub Camera Setup Mode: 'module' object has no attribute 'misc'

Windows 10; PsychoPy v 1.85.3;

What are you trying to achieve?:
I am setting up an eyetracking experiment using iohub. I use code from the stroop-eyetracking demo (as here: Python crashing with eyetracking experiment - #3 by JFL). As expected, the splash screen displays, with text like “Press Enter to setup camera”, “Press C to Calibrate”, “Press V to Validate” - the eyetracker successfuly connects because if I press “C” it runs a successful calibration. However, if I press “Enter” to try and see the “Camera Setup” screen, the screen goes white and freezes. The only way out is to press ctrl+alt+delete, and I see the following error:

I have searched the forum for a solution but did not find an obvious solution. Any ideas would be appreciated - thanks in advance!