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Eye-tracking development for Pavlovia

Hello all,

I have added some additional functionality to Thomas’s demo in this experiment
that is, to draw heatmaps using simpleheat.js using the position from webgazer.

You can checkout the code/repo here:




Hi @thomas_pronk,

I was wondering if there was a specific reason that you chose version 2.01 instead of the latest version of 2.10 of webgazer? Coincidentally, I saw on the jsPsych website that they also don’t support version 2.10 of webgazer. It looks like version 2.10 includes some Tensorflow stuff, which is supposed to increase accuracy, I think. But does this makes it difficult to work with psychopy? I’m happy to try to incorporate version 2.10 into Psychopy myself, but I wonder if you foresee any roadblocks.


Hi! No reason, it’s just that during my PsychoPy career it wasn’t out yet. Since only the minor version number went up, I assume the API is the same, so it should work out of the box. Maybe a little bit of tweaking for that feature I added in my webgazer fork, though I think the team was planning to add this functionality anyways. Hope it goes smoothly!

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