Extreme memory usage on simple experiment

OS mac

What are you trying to achieve?:
I have a very simple experiment that plays sounds in a random order. I attached the builder file here. I’ve made a few psychopy tasks before without any problems, so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

What went wrong?:
When I hit run, I get a blank gray screen. Sometimes this happens for a second or two with other experiments, but here it never progresses past this screen to start the task. I know something is running, because it runs the code snippet I put at “beginning of experiment” which just generates a csv with the audio stimuli. I have to force quit psychopy because it stops responding.

I checked in Activity Monitor and it’s somehow using more than 60GB of RAM???

No idea what could be causing this. For now, I’m just testing it by playing a tone, so there are no stimuli to load.

Any ideas? Other tasks are working fine on my copy of psychopy. Thanks!!

How about trying with a pregenerated list of songs rather than dynamically creating it?

You could also put print statements in between each of your pandas commands to see which one is using all the processing power. Is the songs folder on your local hard drive?

thanks @wakecarter for the quick response. i tried pregenerating the csv and also commenting out basically all the code in that first code component.

still experiencing this same weird memory issue where the experiment doesnt start. any other things that could be causing this?

might just remake the experiment from scratch cause this is so weird…