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Experiment that plays and records sound does not close


I have an experiment that will use sound.Sound to play sound, and also use microphone to record subject responses. I am coding with VS Code and running scripts from console on a mac. I am using psychopy 3.2. My problem is that the program never exits completely, and although the psyhopy window closes, there is a lingering “Python” program (with the psyhopy logo) on the toolbar and I never get the console control back.

In this forum I learn that using the pyo library for playing sound can lead to issues of the experiment not closing (which is the issue I am running into). To avoid that, I changed the audio library to something else, yet the microphone class will still use pyo, and the issue persists.

I’ve read a few long threads about this, but they seem to relate to much earlier versions of psychopy (e.g. 1.8 and 1.9). Are there any updates on how to solve this issue with psychopy 3.2?

Thanks a lot,