Experiment runs fine on PsychoPy but not Pavlovia. (TypeError)

I am trying to create an experiment where participants input two key responses (sequence does not matter but both must be correct). I have no experience in coding hence the image below was the product of other’s help. The experiment runs fine on psychopy but when I pilot it on pavlovia i get this message ’ TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)'. I suspect something must have gone wrong in the auto conversion from py to js in psychopy?

You need to check that reap.keys exists before you check it’s length.

Put your code in a conditional clause if resp.keys:

Sorry I dont know what that means, my knowledge in coding is basically 0. The valid keys for my experiment are ‘s’ ‘d’ ‘left’ 'right ‘up’ ‘down’. Do i add “if resp.keys: ‘s’ ‘d’ ‘left’ 'right ‘up’ ‘down’” to the beginning of the right section of the screenshot?