Exact Position exactly after keyboard press


I need to get the exact position of one of my stimulus “exactly” after the keyboard press. Would you please help me? the exact position is very important.

Can you help me please?

We need more information.

Is this in a custom-written script, or in Builder?

How are you detecting the keyboard press?

But in essence, every visual stimulus has a .pos attribute. You can just access that at the time the keypress is detected.

It’s a custom-written script.
I have a clock. there is a clock hand which it’s position is changing in each frame. I need to get the clock hand position at the moment of the keyboard press.
I have written this code in the “each frame” tab:

if Target_Response.getKeys() == ['k'] or ['s']:
    press_pos = clock_hand_1.pos

but it doesn’t work.

Those things contradict each other: one day s that you wrote the script yourself, the other that you are using a Builder experiment, with code components.

That isn’t the expression you are after: it is comparing the pressed key to the result of “or ing” two values. It should be more explicit, like:

if Target_Response.getKeys() == ['k'] or Target_Response.getKeys() == ['s']:


if Target_Response.getKeys()[0] in ['k', 's']:

This doesn’t tell us anything useful. How doesn’t it work?