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event.getKeys not registering delete key

URL of experiment:

PsychoPy 2020.2.10

Description of the problem: I am using keys = event.getKeys() and it appears that the delete key isn’t registered.

If you look at the console you’ll see I’ve added print(keys) and nothing appears for delete. Delete is registered by the same code locally.

You may be interested in viewing this experiment while I develop it. The free recall section allows movement between (and within) words via mouse as well as arrow keys.

Nice call! Seems not only the delete key but all of the “editing keys” (the yellow area in this picture): Insert, Home, PageUp, PageDown, Delete, and End. Made a ticket about it.

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Hi @wakecarter, thanks again for flagging. OK I have added a PR to address the issue, but my keyboard lacks the corresponding section, would it be possible to do some testing on you end? Thanks, x


I’ve just tried get-more-keys [PsychoPy] on my Dell Latitude 7490 and the following keys don’t register: PrtScr, Insert, Delete, Page Up, Page Down and Function keys (but my laptop can be a bit weird about them).

Super thanks, let me do some more digging, x