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Error when trying to set non-scalar variable via conditions file

I am brand new user so I apologize if I missed something obvious:

In PsychoPy v1.85.1 standalone on Windows 10, I am configuring the ‘polygon’ stimuli object. I am trying to set the height attribute via a csv conditions file. I get an error message saying “Invalid parameter. Single numbers are not accepted…”

My entry for the polygon size attribute in the conditions file is: (1.5,0)

For additional details and troubleshooting please see my entry in:

When values like (1.5, 2) are inserted in a spreadsheet PsychoPy doesn’t know that these should be treated as tuples. Spreadsheet only have the concept of numbers or strings and, because this has a bracket, this gets treated as a string.
We might add more fancy detection of different valid python types in future but, for now, when you need a height and a width you should create two columns in your spreadsheet, each with a single value in them, and combine them in the PsychoPy dialog like this:

$(width, height)

(Please don’t duplicate posts on the forum and stackoverflow. It’s harder for people to find the right answer in multiple places)

Hi Jon, thank you so much for that quick response.

Fully understood regarding not double posting.

It seems to work if I use square brackets. I entered that solution on stackoverflow. We can close this thread to avoid double postings.