Error running video in Pavlovia

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Description of the problem:
Having difficulty getting experiment with video to run on Pavlovia (runs fine on PsychoPy builder). I get the error message: “When setting the movie of MovieStim: prac_movie_sign, ftypqt qt ?wide<?}mdat”
Any idea what could be going on here?

Please could you show a screenshot of prac_move_sign ?

It looks like your movie variable might be getting used for something else.

From my crib sheet

Use simple terms for variables, since they may already be in use by PsychoPy. Variable names to avoid are: class, core, image, index, Length, list, Object, Number, round, sound, Symbol, t, thisTrial, trials, util, visual.

I’ve sorted out the problem, I was using .mov video files which worked fine in the PsychoPy builder, but not on Pavlovia–converting to .mp4 resolved that error!