Error- name 'trials' is not defined

Hi everyone,

I am getting this error when using the counting trial’s function (trials.thisTrialN):
name ‘trials’ is not defined

Do you have any idea why this may be? This is my code. I am trying to index the same column within 8 different spreadsheets I have in my experiment folder by using another spreadsheet (Randomize_Runs) which lists each excel file name.

import pandas as pd
df_runs = pd.read_excel(‘Randomize_Runs.xlsx’)
df_runs = df_runs.sample(frac=1)
filename =[trials.thistrialIndex, ‘run’]

is the name of your lop “trials”? or something else?

Thanks for your response, Becca! It is not, it is called ‘block’. Im this case, should the code be [block.thistrialIndex, ‘run’]?