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Enter button is not working online


We launched data collection and some of our participants mention that Enter button (which is supposed to end the routine) is not working. I coded it as “return” in my key_response. Does anyone have an idea why it happens?

@MarinaIosifian, cannot really tell without seeing your task, but have you provided “return” as an allowed key in your keyboard component?

Yes, this is exactly what I did. Return was the only allowed key. It was a very simple task - they read instructions (text component) and should press Enter (‘return’ in allowed keys) to proceed further. It worked for the majority of my sample, but few participants reported that the Enter key was not responding.

Its possible they are using the numpad enter key, which in PsychoPy is called “num_enter”. Although, this is hard to know without seeing the logs of the people who had key press failures.