Empty csv files in Pavlovia

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/IgnatDavydov/tindermnum

Description of the problem: Hello! I have uploaded the experiment on pavlovia and everything went fine but I have found that the files with the results are empty.

What should I do to fix it?

I just released a pilot study online. My data saving test was successful. However, with my pilot subject run, only 3 files were saved, and the rest were either missing or empty csv. The survey part of my study all saved properly. Some subjects also reported study crushed. This felt altering to me but I am not sure what was wrong.

Any idea/suggestions?

Study link: https://run.pavlovia.org/QxF/swimtask2

Did you make any edits to the JavaScript directly?

Here’s another thread with some thoughts.

Yes, and thanks for referring these two posts.

I just created a new topic and this may explain my problem better: