Embedded youtube video issues

I am trying to play an embedded youtube video in my Psychopy experiment on a Mac. However, each time I run the experiment I keep receiving the following error message
9.3659 WARNING Couldn’t measure a consistent frame rate.

  • Is your graphics card set to sync to vertical blank?
  • Are you running other processes on your computer?
    Can anyone explain how I am supposed to resolve this error?

Hi There,

Embedding a youtube video is not something that will run locally - it will only run online. So you will need to first sync your task to pavlovia and then run from your pavlovia dashboard.

This error is unrelated to the youtube movie but implies that your device might be dropping a lot of frames (so therefore could be unreliable for visual stimulus presentation timings - this can happen when a lot of background processes are running).

I synced the experiment to my pavlovia account. When I ran the experiment I received the following Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

when setting the movie of MovieStim: movie
when getting the value of resource:
unknown resource

Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experiment designer.

How are you setting the movie value?

I was able to solve my issue. I decided to select a video locally from my computer, so I did not have to use Pavlovia.