Elements not well aligned in full screen mode

Several elements in my experiment (text, polygon, slider) are not well aligned on my laptop in full screen mode, but well aligned without it. I also spotted that alignment varies on different machines. Can this be related to Units in experiment settings? They are now set to “height”, while my elements are set to “from exp settings”.

What are the units in Experiment Settings / Screen?

Are you doing anything which tries to measure the screen size? I sometimes find issues where the screen size gets measured before the experiment goes full screen, which means measurements are out later.

In my Crib sheet I have:

Issue: Slider label positions don’t always match up.

Solution: Add experimentInit(); to the End Routine tab of code_JS (or possibly later if your routine containing code_JS doesn’t have a duration). Sijiazhao

Beware – this seems to rerun all Begin Experiment code, so any variables changed in the first routine may get reset.

N.B. code_JS as recommended in my crib sheet isn’t needed in 2022 versions of PsychoPy but the principle is to run the code after a second or so but before anything important has happened.

Thanks for your reply!
Units in the Experiment settings are set to “height”.
Yes, I am having a similar issue as the one mentioned in your link: if I put my routine (which contains a slider) in the beginning of the experiment, slider works good. However, if I put it in the middle or the end of the experiment - slider’s labels are all mixed up!
Adding “Add experimentInit();” to JS code of my code component in this routine does not help, the experiment cannot initialize.