EEG to trigger strobe

Hello, I’m a complete novice in the world of EEG. However I would like to use it to recreate a historical experiment where eeg alphawaves were used to trigger a stroboscope.

are there any recommendations as to where to begin, or is there anyone willing to be remunerated for the project?


You might need to provide more information on the EEG system that you’re using.

Most have a “real-time” like connection that you can stream (often in Python) from the EEG amplifier/recording computer. You could then run a quick FFT on that data coming in and if the value is over a certain amount have PsychoPy turn on the screen or send a command to turn on the strobe.

PsychoPy isn’t essential here (gasp!) since you could in theory operate any external strobe also with base python.