Editing decimal places in $t timer

Hi all

I’m trying to give a visual clock on the screen so the participant knows how long they have left in a break between trials. I want to give them 30 seconds before the second half of the trials begin, and have this on screen for them so they know to be ready.

I found online you can use $t to display the length of the routine in real time, but this give a very long timer, to many decimal places.

Is there a way to reduce the visibility of the ms and just have SS:MS with $t, or do you have to code this differently?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ral,

For a seconds only timer:


For a seconds only countdown:

$30 - round(t)

You can also use $round(t,2) in the same ways as above to get 2 decimal places.

Hope this helps!