Editable TextBox that Expands Once a Certain Size is Reached

Hi! I am using TextBox2. I was able to make an editable text box that expands as the participant types. I wanted to have a set size of the text box so that participants would not know how long to make their response. However, if they exceed this amount, I still want to the text box to expand.

I am not too sure if there is a solution to this. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you so much! I appreciate any help!

If you know how many characters fit into the box you could have some code in “every frame” that checks, if there are more than this amount of characters in the box. If the limit is exceeded you could set the variable that defines the size of the textbox to a new value. This is, of course, just a rough idea. I don’t know, if it is that easy to change the size of the box when it has already been “drawn”.

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Thanks you for the idea! The size of the box should be able to change. I will look into it and reply is i find the a solution!