Easy Technique for Getting Typed Responses (Code Provided)

I was recently trying to get typed responses (locally and online) and the beta textbox just wasn’t working right for me so I updated an alternative way of getting typed responses that I have used before (just a bit of code that uses a keyboard and text component to create my own textbox). It’s quite a simple technique and uses only a bit of code, which I’m sharing. On the chance this can help anyone, I’ve put my technique into a video here: NEW PsychoPy 2021 | Getting Typed Responses | For Local and Online (Pavlovia) Experiments - YouTube

The code needed can be found in a link in the description of this video. Happy coding all!


Perhaps you’d like to add your demos to PsychoPy Online Demos which might increase their visibility (since I often link to that thread).

Best wishes,


Thank you that’s a good suggestion. I will!