Dots in Pavlovia

I have an experiment involving point-light walking figures (movies) with varying numbers of noise dots overlaid that I want to port to Pavlovia.

Right now I’m just checking that all the stimuli will appear with a simple version of the experiment (just 1s fixation, 1s stimuli, repeat). When I add a dots component it appears when I run the experiment from my computer but not when I run it on Pavlovia. Is the dot component available on Pavlovia? Is there existing JS code for randomly moving dots?

I have seen some experiments involving dots on Pavlovia already but there doesn’t seem to be much discussion on dots here in the forum. Help appreciated!

I am experiencing the same problem - were you able to find a solution to this?

Builder -> PsychoJS does not appear to be implemented for dots. Too bad, because the dots look great and work really well locally. Would be nice to see more dot paradigms online.