Does not work the 'space', 'backspace', 'number' key in editable textbox

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I want to collect participant’s text response to word stimuli using editable textbox.

I used ‘TextBox’ in my experiment.

It works well in a local computer, Psychopy.

But, when I run the experiment on pavlovia,

‘space’, ‘backspace’, punctuation and English are not typed.

Only, Korean character can be typed.

Could you help me solve a problem?

I think your issue is already being looked at in the other post you made about it: 'space', 'backspace', punctuation don't work in TextBox on pavlovia - #6 by sotiri

I am so sorry for the duplicated writing… i could not find the solution so i wrote again. I am sorry!! :cry:

I forgive you :wink: but I’ll close this thread. Given that it’s a bit busy on the forum these days, I’m doing some congestion management. No worries though, while it might take a while, a competent programmer is on your case!