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Does command work in psychopy? i cannot type in output and don't know why

doing a course in Object Oriented Programming
was doing ok, but am stuck in week 2, where I am supposed to enter something in output (a direction in the game i am creating) and it just gets stuck; will not let me input anything and running man is resolutely grey:

while True:
command = input("> ")
current_room = current_room.move(command)

the ‘get_details’ and ‘current_room’ are in another file … up until then it has worked ok
it’s printing the room, describing it and describing its location - but won’t actually allow me to type in the output to tell it where to go next

does that make sense? the course seems to have finished (even though i upgraded) a while ago, so I’m getting zero feedback!
any help appreciated

PsychoPy has its own functions for accessing keyboard responses and for outputting stuff to the screen - you can’t use Python’s input() function, because PsychoPy is capturing the keypress responses for itself when its window has the focus. input() would only work when running a Python script that doesn’t create a PsychoPy window (i.e. when the terminal window you are using has the keyboard focus).

Your question doesn’t seem to have anything PsychoPy-specific in it though, and maybe is just a general Python programming question? If so, you probably won’t get much useful guidance in this forum.