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DKL color space Matrix

Hello everybody

New to psychopy, I have a question concerning the color spaces.

I am currently working on a research on which I would need to convert pictures into DKL color space but I have troubles. In my experiment, by pressing on buttons (left/right arrow), the subject have to set the color of the picture to correspond the original picture but in DKL color space (by playing with elevetion, asimuth or contrast, depending on condition).

I saw that psychopy takes natively some colorimeter/spectrometer but mine is not supported (Colorimeter : SPYDER 5 Express, I use DisplayCAL for calibration).
Could I use DisplayCAL’s Measurement Report to set manually the color matrix ?
Does anyone know how I could proceed ?

Thank you.


The DKL conversion requires a matrix to transform cartesian DKL coordinates to linear RGB. If your software provides that then you should be able to use it. However, I suspect your software provides only XYZ -> RGB matrices which only some colorspace functions accept.

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I thought that there might be a solution to find this matrix through some calculus with datas from the colorimeter. But throught my researches I lost hope, and your answer confirm that.

Thank you for your answer.