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Displayed stimulus removal neatly and continuously using a specific key

Hello everyone,

I try an experimental code in which the subject has to press the space bar [continuously] in order to produce more and more polygons and when the pressing stops, re-pressing will remove those polygons and so on.

Creating and displaying the polygons is based on the following code:

keys = kb.getKeys(['space', 'return'], waitRelease = False, clear=False)

for poly in Poly_List:

for thisKey in keys:
    if thisKey == 'space' and space_func: #this func change the Space Operation from addition to substarction
        polygon = visual.Polygon(
                  win=win, name='polygon',
                  edges=10000, size=(0.1),
                  ori=0.0, pos=(random()-0.5, random()-0.5),
                  lineWidth=1.0,     colorSpace='rgb',  lineColor='black', fillColor='black',
                  opacity=None, depth=0.0, interpolate=True)
        overlap = False          
        for poly in Poly_List:
            if customOverlaps(poly, polygon): #is they overlap 
               overlap = True
        isInside = insideCircle(Base_Circle, polygon)   #is they inside a Primary desirable area
        if not overlap and isInside:
           Size_List.append(polygon.size) #get the size for statistics
           core.wait(random()-0.9)  # have some random time
        Dur = thisKey.duration
        space_func_minus() # shift the space operation from addition to substraction

And their removal is based on this code:

elif thisKey == 'space' and not space_func:
         for i in Poly_List:   
         Dur = thisKey.duration

My problem is that while the creation of the polygons is done one after the other continuously [more and more] - their removal is done once and in a certain amount of polygons

Do you have any idea how to arrange this? Thanks!