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Display text input of a first routine in a second routine

PsychoPy version : 3.0.6
What are you trying to achieve?: display text input in a different routine using Builder

What did you try to make it work?: find solutions on the forum
What specifically went wrong when you tried that?: didn’t find any or didn’t understand

Hello everyone,
I am quite new to PsychoPy (quite new at designing experiments in general). Here is what I am trying to do:

1- Show a stimulus, then record and display a text input: this part is OK, thanks to
2- Reuse that same text input in a new routine and include it in a sentence, then record and display a new text input.

Routine 1: what kind of fruits do you like ? Text input: apples.
Routine 2 : what kind of apples [reuse of the first text input] do you like? Text input n°2…

I don’t know how to do this 2d part. I tried many things : inserting a new routine with a $textInput as a text stimulus (called like this in the code element of the first routine, but it didn’t display on the screen so I guess I am doing something wrong), put stuff in the code element I used in the first routine but in a second routine (but I don’t know yet how to code, which is a problem)…

I’d be really grateful if you could provide some help or resources.

Thanks a lot!

Just had to suppress the ’ inputText="" ’ in the end routine part of the code component in my first routine.