Different number of reps within the same block

Hi everyone,
I’m using PsychoPy 2021.1.2 version to build a flanker task.
I’m trying to achieve something simple but I haven’t figured how to do so.

I set two different routines (congruent/ incongruent) for each I created an xsls file for each trail. 80% of the trails are incongruent.
Now, i’m trying to randomize the stimulus of the incongruent and the congruent condition. I added a loop and created an xsls file for the different stimulus (congruent/ incongruent). I cant fi
So far I’ve tried to set another xsls file using the manual at your website (regarding counterbalance) and then I’ve tried to create a variable for different number of reps, when I’ve tried to run the experiment i’m getting an error “variable not defined”. I was looking at youtube and this website for an explanation to define different number of repeats for one loop and didn’t manage to do so.
I’ve also tried to create a single trail based on an xsls file including 4 different stimulus (congruent/ incongruent).
That’s the first time i’m using psychopy and i’m using the builder.

I would really use some help


congurent.xlsx (8.5 KB) incongurent.xlsx (8.5 KB)

You should probably be using a single spreadsheet and a single routine which can cope with both congruent and incongruent trials. Then increase the number of rows of the type you want more of