Different conditions/ 2 experiments in 1

I have an experiment with two different conditions. So, they all do the same training, then split into groups: one group looks at one stimulus type and the other group looks at another stimulus type. Any ideas?


Hi Jan,

there are a lot of different way to implement different conditions inside the builder. The solution I am currently using is adding a new experiment info at the beginning of the experiment (e.g. session) at fill it with either 1 or 2 (or another type of coded information). Then create different excel file for your conditions files (e.g. condition_file_1.xlsx and condition_file_2.xlsx) and when you create a loop to present the stimuli use something like this in the condition section: $“condition_file_” + expInfo[‘session’] + “.xlsx”.

This is one option but there are many more if you search inside the forum (like Search results for 'random condition' - PsychoPy), the one solution I would NOT recomend is to create different experiments for the two conditions!

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Hi Tandy! I am trying to do something similar for an experiment on Pavlovia. I wonder if you were able to use this approach on Pavlovia? Thank you!